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The Conference

Welcome to Digital Banking Forum 2021.

The next steps of the financial sector is the topic of the Digital Banking Forum 2021, which will take place on 1 April through LiveOn, ethosGROUP’s integrated digital technology for business communication. Digital Banking Forum 2021 aims to highlight - for more year – the trends developing in this specific area of the market in Greece and abroad and to offer to participants a unique experience, as it differs from other events on banking and finance in terms of presentations and interaction between audience and speakers. The forum is organized by ethosEVENTS in collaboration with the economic and business portal and the economic and investment magazine HRIMA.

The Forum is under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Governance, Hellenic Assocciation of Insurance Companies, Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Assocciation, Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies, Hellenic Bank Assocciation, Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece and Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises.

Mr. Dimitis Mallas, Journalist, will be the coordinator of the discussion.

More information can be found on the event's website, at the link

Thematic Overview

The Digital Banking Forum 2021 will focus on the following areas of interest:

The banks’ new omnichannel approach and the role of physical bank branches

· The change in banks’ operating models has become evident in Greece in the last years. However, due to the new circumstances brought on by Covid-19, Greek banks engaged in a major re-organization of their physical branches networks while further boosting their digital channels. The omnichannel approach is currently the prevailing trend in the financial sector and has transformed the banks’ internal organization and their approach towards their clients (businesses and consumers). Physical branches will not disappear but their role in the market will undergo radical changes.

The cloud, AI & the financial sector

· The acceleration of the digital transformation of the private and public sectors has brought to the fore technologies such as the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). For the financial sector, these technological tools are the key to the next day as they enable banks to introduce their new services and offer an improved and more personalized experience to their clients.

· Top providers of digital technology services will present their solutions and interesting case studies, helping the participants of the Digital Banking Forum 2021 to better comprehend the possibilities offered by the new technological trends and see how their proper utilization may improve productivity, competitiveness and flexibility with respect to banks’ operation.

E-payments & digital currencies

· Another market sector which gained considerable traction in the last months is that of e-payments. The increased use of cards and mobile payment methods in Greece is impressive, while new solutions become available every day. This sector offers a series of innovative options and is constantly evolving, given the intense interest in digital currencies on a global scale. This will be one of the basic focal points of this year’s forum, which will aim at highlighting the trends on this sector through presentations and discussions with top executives involved in the financial and technological sector.

Fintech startups
· In the startup and innovation ecosystem, ideas and practices related to the fintech sector are high in the list of investment funds’ priorities. In Greece as in other countries, traditional banks now opt for cooperation with fintech startups, as both sides stand to gain a lot from this. But which are the sectors that could enable such partnerships? Which startups could take the next step in the business arena and spread their activities beyond Greek borders? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered during the Digital Banking Forum 2021.




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